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News-Flash :  CTI’s State of the Art Extruder Barrel Technology featured in March 2023 issue of Plastics Technology Magazine.

Twin Screw Extruder Parts


Specializing in Twin Screw Extruders, CTI reverse-engineers and manufactures OEM quality extrusion wear and replacement parts for the the leading OEM manufactures in the industry such as:


  • Coperion (W&P) Werner & Pfleiderer

  • Baker Perkins

  • Prism

  • Entek

  • Leistritz


  • Kobelco

  • Wenger

  • Farrel 

  • SST

  • Theysohn

  • Century Extrusion

  • Egan

  • Toshiba / NFM

  • Maris

  • LabTech

Screw Elements

All types of screw elements consisting of kneading blocks, mixing elements and convey elements from 20mm-160mm dia. in size. Manufactured in various types of wear and / or corrosion resistant materials. Specializing in CPM-10V powder metallurgic steel.

Extruder Barrels

Twin Screw Extruder Barrels manufactured to OEM specifications, in nitrided steel design or with high wear resistant, solid oval CPM-10V replaceable liners. Sizes ranging from 25mm-160mm extruder process bore diameter. (Other materials of construction options are available upon request.)

CTI Block Combination Barrel

CTI Twin Screw Extruder Block Style Combi Barrels manufactured to OEM specifications, with high wear resistant, solid oval CPM-10V replaceable liner in main figure 8 process bore and replaceable side feed insert. CTI combi barrel can be supplied with or without cooling channels. (Other materials of construction options are available upon request.)

Vent Inserts / Barrel Plugs

Extruder vent diverter inserts, barrel closing plugs and injection ports manufactured from high wear resistant  D-2 or H-13 materials. (Other material of construction options are available upon request.)

Twin Screw Extruder Shafts

OEM quality keyed and cold formed (hammered) splined  Twin Screw Extruder shafts for several OEM Brands ranging in size from 20mm to 133 mm extruder size.

Screw Shaft Couplings 

Extruder Screw Shaft Couplings for several OEM Brands and machine vintages (ie. Super compounder, Mega compounder and Hybrids)

Screw Tips

Assorted view of OEM design and CTI customized screw tips for various OEM Brands. Manufactured from various types of
wear and/or corrosion resistant materials.

Twin Screw Extruder Auxilliaries

Liquid Injection Nozzles with and without cooling. Barrel Injection adapters, barrel cooling block flanges, ASA 1/2 " hex-head closing bolts... etc.

Block Barrel Cartridge Heaters

Assortment of Cartridge Heaters for Coperion (W&P) Werner & Pfleiderer available for Block Barrel sizes ranging from 25mm-92mm.

Cast Bronze Barrel Heaters

Assortment of Cast Bronze Heaters for Coperion (W&P) Werner & Pfleiderer available for Barrel sizes ranging from 30mm-92mm.

Twin Screw Parts Inventory

Partial view of CTI's extensive screw element and smaller extruder barrel inventory.

CTI offers same day shipping on all in Stock Items.
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