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Providing OEM Quality Extrusion Wear and Replacement Parts For Over 30 YEARS

Founded in 1993 in Goodview, MN Composites Technologies Inc. (CTI) started the business in a 5000 sq./ft. facility supplying wear and replacement parts to local plastic processing companies. After operating out of this facility for 10 years and due to steady increasing demand by customers for the high quality products manufactured and supplied by CTI, the decision was made to move to a larger, more modern facility. In 2003 CTI moved across the Mississippi River to Trempealeau, Wisconsin into a brand new 50,000 sq./ft. manufacturing, warehouse and office facility. In this facility CTI's dedicated 30 employees manufacture extrusion parts and refurbish extrusion equipment with the highest technical engineering standards and quality for customers in the entire USMCA region and throughout Europe and Asia. ​​​​​​

Precision - Quality - Performance

CTI specializes in manufacturing new twin screw extruder barrels designed with highest quality wear resistant liners. CTI's barrel technology provides our customers maximum run time and longevity of their extrusion lines. CTI's barrel liners are exchangeable keeping downtime and replacement costs to a minimum. Replacing barrel liners saves the customer approximately 35% over the buying cost of a brand new barrel. No matter what your particular process challenges are, abrasive wear, chemical / corrosive wear or a combination thereof, CTI will work with you to find a solution.

Highest Grade Materials 

To manufacture a great product one must start with the best possible materials of construction available. CTI will use nothing but the best materials suitable for the particular application in every process. All materials used by CTI are sourced and produced either from the USA or Germany. 

CTI manufacturers extrusion components from the following materials of construction:

CPM-9V, 10V, 15V & S-90V Powdered Metal.

D-2, H-13, 4140, 4340, Nitralloy 135 MOD, 300/400 Stainless,

15-5 PH/17-4 PH Stainless, Inconel 625/718,

Hastelloy C-276/C-22HS.

(Other materials of construction are available upon request.)

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